Pokemon Universe has many members. Almost 40 Thousand. Although almost all of them are not active or only post for a little while. Now this topic is for the member who have been in the community for a while. No TEam members will be in this topic.

Jerry- Jerry is probably the most well known, he is a very nice member who helps those who need it. He is also an RP Mod, he is also considered to be a Mudkip.

Frenchfry- He is the opposite of Jerry, he is considered a troll. But makes everybody laugh, so its OK, mebbe. He is considered to be, a Zubat Nicknames: Fry, Troll, Zubat.

Starlite- He is also a well known PU member. He is really conserned as to where Chibi is. He has helped a lot on the Forum. And is also an RP Mod. He is considered to be, probably a Faerie. Because that is often his profile Picture. Nicknames: Leo, Unbreakable.

ChibiVampire- A very well-known member. She is also an RP Mod. She suddenly disappeared. And has made reappearences at times. Starlite is trying despertatly to find her. Everyone else wants her back too. She is considered to be a. IDK. Nicknames: Chibi, Angel.

Mr._Rex- Another well known member. He is often times talking about Darkness. He is often considered to be a Zoroark. or a Nicknames: thedarknessinside, Rex.

DarK_SouL- Again a very well known PU Member. He is often considered to be a Lucario. Nicknames: LucarioX, Lucario, Chaos, DarkSoul.

There are more that I can't think of. Please edit.